Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hanging around Beaufort

June 25, 2013

We stayed another day in Beaufort.  First we visited the Maritime Museum, which was free.   The city promotes the museum for the relics discovered in the mid 1990’s from Blackbeard’s shipwrecked The Queen Anne’s Revenge. We were pleasantly surprised to find a great deal more. There is one section exhibit that is dedicated to the history of boats and Beaufort. Some of the model boats were exquisite in their detail.  

Early Dawn Three Model

The Silver Clipper -  full sized
Afterwards we took a bike ride around town and looked at the historic homes. It really is a nice part of town, but a little difficult to bike.  Charlie rode his bike in front, Sarah followed him and I followed Sarah.  At one point, Charlie decided to make a sharp turn to the right.   Sarah could not turn fast enough and her bike crashed to the street.  Sarah was a good sport, but her knee was scraped up.  We went back to Rainshadow to apply first aid.  Now we both sport matching bandaged knees!

That evening Sarah and I decided to bake some cookies.   While the cookies were in the oven, Charlie and I began talking with the boat owners of the boat docked beside us, Emerald Isle. The couple aboard live in Massachusetts and had taken their boat to Beaufort from Florida. They had more experience boating than us and gave us great advice.  We had a wonderful time speaking with them.  So wonderful of a time, that I burned the cookies.  I threw the batch out and tried cooking another batch.  Unfortunately, that batch burned too.  I finally figured out that I needed to move the tray to the middle rack.  I only had enough dough for three cookies by this point. So we put the cookies in the oven and kept our fingers crossed.  After 9 minutes, we had three perfectly baked cookies, enough for each one of us.

Emerald Isle next to Rainshadow
For dinner, we ate at a dockside restaurant again with Bella at our feet enjoying the Beaufort Breeze.

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